About Us

TwoCan combines the knowledge and experience of its staff with the support and expertise of its parent companies. We offer a comprehensive range of services that you would expect from an agency, but with one very important and genuine difference.

All of our profits are gifted back to our respective parent companies to be invested in affordable housing and the community. We call this ‘profit for purpose’ and it means that, between us, we can help to improve the lives of others.

This fresh and ethical approach makes us stand out from the competition. It is also an extremely powerful motivator for us to do our very best at all times.

We hope that this unique difference will be one of the reasons you would choose to work with TwoCan.

In addition to this, TwoCan strives to do the best it can in other areas too. We choose digital solutions where we can, use local suppliers wherever possible, and manage our diaries to reduce our mileage and limit our effect on the environment.

Finding the right property for you

Are you looking to move? Let us help you find the right property to suit your requirements


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